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Idaho Couple & Puppy - Jadin & Ethan

Been waiting for this session for quite some time. I think we rescheduled this session at least three times?? Life has been crazy for us and things keep coming up but finally we made it to the woods in Athol, Idaho.

Jadin and Ethan are the ultimate couple goals! This is the type of couple I want to be photographing all the time. Not only did we drive out to the middle of nowhere in Athol, Idaho, they brought their dog, Ford, with them. Ford is adorable and was super excited to tag along for the photos. We cannot forget the truck with the dirt bike in the back!

We took a 30 minute drive out to Athol, Idaho and ended up at my friend's beautiful home (Shoutout to the Meredith Fam for letting use their place!). We headed straight for the dirt driveway and Ford was excited to be out of the truck. Jadin hid some treats in her pockets and Ford was ready for pictures.

While I was taking a couple of pictures of just Jadin and Ethan, Ford decided he wanted to create some more fun and started running around with a stick. He was a very big fan of the stick. So we ended up using the stick instead of the treats to get him to pose.

Then we headed to the mountain view spot. We put Ford on a stump and he was all smiles!! After some throwing and chasing the stick time, Ethan parked the truck in the dirt driveway. I honestly have never been so excited at a couple session before. Jadin and Ethan jumped up on the tailgate with Ford and dang we got some cute pictures.

I am ready for some more dirt road truck pictures in Idaho. If you are ready to drive down a dirt road for your pictures, then I am the photographer for you!!!

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