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Coeur d'Alene Springtime Blossoms - Sophie

It was Wednesday night. I sent a quick text to Sophie asking if she was up for a photo session with the blossom trees in my neighborhood. I had spent countless days driving past them and I was dying to capture their beauty.

Sophie was totally down for photos. She showed up in the perfect white and pink dress and we headed to the blossoms. After a quick drive down the road, we hopped out of my blue truck and started taking pictures.

Pictures lasted for about two minutes because my camera decided to have a mind of its own and stopped working. We got back in my truck and drove back to the house. This time I grabbed my whole camera bag instead of just one camera. You always bring your whole camera bag; bad things tend to happen when you think you can go without it!

With my other camera in hand, we headed to the blossoms once again. They were gorgeous! Sophie had brought a cute hat with her as well so we got some of those cute hat pictures.

Being a short person, I usually have to bring a step stool with me when photographing tall people. But this time I unfortunately forgot my step stool. This resulted in me climbing a tree. Just owning my short people problems over here!

I love the last minute adventures that God gives us. Yes, I think a short drive down the road can become an adventure. Sometimes the smallest adventures can have the biggest impact on our lives. God uses the simple things to remind us of how faithful He is.


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