Adventure Photographers

I'm Kayla Clancy, owner of Kayla Marie Photography!

Living in Coeur d' Alene, Idaho, and

loving every minute of it! 

I am excited to go on a photo adventure with you!


Here are some fun facts about me! 

Fact #2:

Fact #1:

I always start my mornings with a coffee & some worship music.

Adventure Photographers

Sixth grade; is where it all started. In all the craziness in my life cameras had caught my attention. My daily routine consisted of barely making it out the door to school, attending school, and then going home and falling asleep. I had been sick for years with no answers in sight. Allergic to everything and barely able to remember anything I learned, God gave me a camera.


I didn’t realize the journey I was about to embark on when I opened that camera on Christmas morning. From that moment on I photographed everything. When I mean everything, I mean EVERYTHING! It got to the point where my friends were like really Kayla, do you need to bring that camera everywhere?  But as the years went by they were soon pretty happy to have a pile of photos from past years. For me, that pile was pretty important. Since I struggled with memory, it was the biggest blessing to be able to look back and remember. I think that is why I fell in love with photography. The reminder of good times and much blessing. 


That’s my desire for my photography. For people to receive their pictures and be able to remember for generations to come. I want grandkids to walk into grandma and grandpa's house and see the joy their grandparents had when they were young. God has filled this earth with joy and beauty and I want to capture those moments.


Fast forward to today; if you want to go on an adventure and have some pictures to remember it by then you have chosen the right photographer! I can’t wait to work with you and make your memories last for generations!! 

Adventure Photographers

Just bought by dream truck...a Tacoma!

Fact #3:

I love anything & everything that involves snow. The past seven years I have spent almost every weekend snowboarding. 

Adventure Photographers
Adventure Photographers
Adventure Photographers
Adventure Photographer
Adventure Photographer
Adventure Photographer
Senior Photography

"Kayla's photography has a beautifully unique style that sets her photos apart from any others. She is so kind and caring toward all of her clients, wanting to get to know them in order to serve them well. She not only has a great eye, but a sweet heart and joyful intention. She is truly amazing!

I HIGHLY recommend Kayla to anyone searching for a kind soul to photograph a special moment! She's the best!"

- Emily

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